There have been frequent reports recently about the heroes we grew up admiring taking their own lives due to mental illness. Close friends and relatives feel lost in their own personal battles and give in to the darkness. People constantly preach about “the warning signs” and claim there’s a way to know when someone is at risk.

The reality of the situation is that unless someone reaches out for help, there’s no way of knowing if someone is struggling.

An individual knows, but there’s a stigma that if you’re feeling down that you’re broken, that speaking out on your emotions means you’re weak, but also wrong.

Leaning on people can be a comfort to most. Having that friend you can call at 1 o’clock in the morning when your mind can’t shut down long enough for you to fall asleep is beautiful.

What happens when that person isn’t there? What happens when your support system fails and you have no fall back option?

It’s in these dark moments we have to remember to see the light. Not some metaphorical light. Not the typical “be positive not negative” mantra. The light is you.

Find yourself in your weak moments.

When things seem difficult, take them a step at a time. Whatever that means to you, do it. We find our strength in the little moments. Overwhelming ourselves is dangerous, underwhelming ourselves is much more damaging.

The most important person in your life should be yourself. That is one of the most underrated thoughts in anyone’s head. We always have someone in our lives that we look up to and think “this person is more valuable than I am”, whether it be a parent, a grand parent, offspring, sibling, or close friend. In order to love these people fully, however, we need to make sure we show ourselves love.

We can’t fight other’s battles, only help. We are our own army. You are your own team captain.

Every one is fighting a battle, no matter how strong they appear to be. It’s how we handle those battles that turn us into warriors.

Take care of yourself.

Keep fighting.

You are worth the fight.

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