Sometimes, backsliding can be a magical thing.

Before I explain, for those that don’t know, here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of “Backslide”:

1 :to lapse morally or in the practice of religion; 2 :to revert to a worse condition.

In this scenario, we’re talking relationships. More importantly, we’re talking sex.

Really, it’s a double edge sword. On the one hand, you can slide into bed with an ex that already knows all the buttons to push to make you exclaim Hallelujah from the rooftops. There’s no training someone new. No awkward dates to be had.

On the other hand, feelings. If the two of you go into it knowing there won’t be a full relationship, awesome. What happens when you don’t discuss? Well, for starters, you throw out that booty-call text, and then get a wave of anxiety when they’re on their way over and you’re not sure if you still have feelings for them or not, specially when you know they definitely still feel the same as they did, say, years ago when you guys actually dated.

Now, as a heads up, when I backslide, I backslide… HARD. Usually with the guy that tore me up when the relationship ended. Different guy in this case though. This is the on-again, off-again relationship that started when I was 12. Why did it not work out with him in the end? Well, he wanted a lot more than I did. I’m not one that truly believes that marriage is for everyone, unless you feel like you’re in a whirlwind. That’s a different story though.

So, it happened. Now what? There’s definitely a different mindset here instead of the 18 year-old I was when we finally called it quits. Having an open mind to life is probably the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself; well that, and remembering to put myself first.

Everything in life comes with risks: take each and every one. Reach out to the person you had fun with. Know things might or might not happen. Take the leap. You might just enjoy the outcome.

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