For those that don’t already know: it’s okay not to care about other people’s opinions of you.

It took many years for me to realize that. 4 years ago, I was THAT girl who wouldn’t leave the house without getting all made up. When I would go hang out with friends, I was always super quiet because I didn’t want to say something stupid and become the weird one. I never gave my opinion on anything for fear that I would be wrong or misinterpreted.

There wasn’t a morning that I woke up and just thought “Let’s not give a shit anymore”. This development happened over the span of a few years. I just got fed up with not caring how I felt about things.

That’s the problem with trying to please everyone around you: you lose sight of yourself. Your goals, your dreams, all flushed down the toilet. Take a step back and ask yourself if that’s really what you want for yourself. You allow all of these other people to have a negative impact on your life. 

To be completely upfront and honest with anyone reading this: I don’t have really high self esteem. But I’m a girl so that’s normal. I’m not happy with every aspect of my body, and I constantly ask myself what the hell I’m doing. But that’s me to me.

Do I care if someone doesn’t like how I do my make up? Or they don’t approve of my clothing? Or the music I listen to? Do I care if I do something silly in front of a crowd? 100% of the time, the answer is no.

I chose me. I choose to be happy.

Go out and do the thing you’re scared to do.

Take yourself out to dinner.

Buy all the clothing your mother doesn’t approve of.

Choose you and your happiness over every one, you sparkly unicorn.This is your life. You only get one. Live how you want to. 

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