Recently, it’s come to my attention just how single I am. I enjoy doing things alone. There’s never a reason for myself to ask permission to do things. If I need an opinion on something, there’s a few friends I am able to text or call and find out what they think. And it’s honestly one of the greatest feelings ever.

I’ve spent much of my adult life single. If I had been connected to someone, there’s very little chance that I would have been able to move around as much as I did (which, in retrospect, wasn’t a lot, however, there was only myself to move and no resistance from someone else not wanting to be uprooted).

On the other end of the spectrum, 80% of my teenage years were spent pining after guys that barely even acknowledged my existence. Why? Why is some knuckle head hoping that her prince charming is some kid, sleeping his way through school and crossing his fingers that he’ll graduate?

It’s instilled upon us at a young age that in order for humanity to survive, we need to find our soul mate. That’s not the case. Be your own fucking soul mate. Be your own prince, or princess, I’m not one to judge.

“Oh no, another feminist rant about it being okay to die alone and own 7,000,000 cats.”

Nope. Go out and be happy.

I, myself, thrive on attention. I absolutely love it. The grocery store near my house acts as a  truck driver bus station, whenever I go there, I always make sure to park near it in order to walk by the truckers and just get a “Hey girl, how you doing?”.

I’m barely 5 feet tall, I can’t reach the top shelf of anything to save my life. Having a tall partner is fantastic in that scenario.

Let’s be real and cover the other topic that came to your mind: sex. Sex toys are also awesome. All those feel good chemicals get released and YOU DID THAT TO YOURSELF. Gold star to you!  One night stands are great, I highly encourage them. A few of my greatest stories are about my one-nighters. But with those, you have to be so careful. Is this person going to give me some rare, untreatable std? Possibly. Could this person be a serial killer and I’m his next victim? Good chance. We need that physical contact sometimes, though, so hell yeah I’m gonna take that chance.

The moral of the story is that you’re not alone in your mixed emotions on being single. Don’t let yourself settle. Do your thing until someone can fit into your life without making you change anything. Be happy with who you are. Make yourself proud. Your mother might be nagging that you’ll never be happy unless your hitched, but chances are good that you’ll be miserable if you just get swept away by the first person that wants to put a ring on it. The main cause of divorce is marriage.

Without a doubt, you can shine just as bright standing next to someone as you could standing alone in a battle field. And you need to do that. Fight for yourself, who else is going to? 

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